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    2013 Tool Boxes CT Hat Working on Refrigeration Equipment Classroom Ironworkers - Exhaust Duct Hat Sheetmetal Tools Welding . . . . . . Start of a tin man Building a tool box In the welding shop at our training center, we teach Mig, Tig, and stick welding plus grinding and finishing. The Training Center has a full sheet metal shop dedicated to education. Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication is a fourth year class. As fourth year students most apprentices get a chance to work with copper. A roof jack with a built-in cricket 2010 toolboxes 2011 Tool Boxes 2012 Tool Boxes Regional apprentice competition Welding Shot . . . . . . . . Julie with Basket R.S. & S.U. lanterns Shark Spider & students spider on floor students students with tin man T.D. and B.F. with ASM roof tin man tool boxes 2017-16 Tool Boxs #3 jquery lightbox for textby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
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